Bio Remodelling Agents and Skin Boosters

Skin Rejuvenation

Get the Glow

Skin boosters and bio remodelling agents can give a glow to the skin.

By placing small amounts of hyaluronic acid around the face superficially it gives a hydrated and refreshed look. Ask about the newest bio remodelling agent which has proven to be very popular and effective in Europe for the last 7 years and benefits are seen not just in the skin and but deeper.

Lip injection


Dermal fillers are injectable substances that smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, adding volume and hydration to create a youthful look. These are synthetic versions of substances that are produced naturally by the body.

Here at Lumo Clinic, we believe that prevention is the best cure. By starting early on your anti-aging regime, you can slow down the effects of time.

As we age skin starts to appear deflated and begins to sag. This happens because of the diminishing supply of collagen within the skin. Volumising dermal fillers give the skin back that youthful appearance of fullness.

Very little downtime is needed after a procedure.